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BASA International Co.

  • Presenting Oracle Solutions

Oracle was founded in 1977 in America, and the database and related application packages produced by this company are very famous. This company is the largest software producer in the world after Microsoft. Oracle's first production ERP was released to the market in 1987 and currently a large part of the world's ERP market is at the disposal of this company. The ERP system produced by this company, which is known as Oracle e-business Suite, covers various business areas with multiple subsystems.

Currently, according to the valuable experiences that BASA has had over a decade in implementation and support of the "ERP organization resource planning" system and its implementation in dozens of reputable production and service organizations in various fields, Basa is the only successful supplier of this system named Oracle E_Business suite in Iran due to the special facilities it has provided for license preparation and implementation and support.

According to the long-term planning and goals of this company in the field of integrated systems, various localizations has been done on this product to use in Iran as long as it isn’t an obstacle in the path of losing the privileges of using the next upgrades of the Oracle-ERP system. Some of these localizations are as follows:

  • Provide a multi language environment with persian language
  • Using the calendar and dates of the persian and the Gregorian calendar
  • Making the environment RTL in case of choosing persian language
  • Translation of standard system messages
  • Add letters and sort based on Persian letters
  • Making the environment persian and using the latest Oracle reporting technologies (XML Publisher, BI Apps, BI Enterprise)
  • Creating reports accepted by the stock market and the country's tax organization
  • Adding Persian fonts and numbers to reports
  • Compilation of Iranian processes which use is unavoidable as long as it does not conflict with the correct process of doing work according to best practices.
  • Using Multi-currency in the system
  • Technical characteristics of the system

The features of the above system are many due to the standard nature of this ERP, only a few of its key features are mentioned here:

  • Complete system integrity
  • Modularity of the system
  • It has World Class Best Practices that are constantly being upgraded
  • Based on Oracle's powerful process management(BPMS) infrastructure.
  • Based on an integrated, efficient and reliable Oracle Fusion Middleware infrastructure set.
  • Web Based feature
  • It has 24/7 support from the Metalink website.
  • The ability to create and modify the process without programming through the powerful Workflow Engine tool.
  • Being able to access the source code of programs.
  • It has powerful tools for creating reports that allow all end users and administrators to create the reports like how they need.
  • Free delievering of patches needed by the system and information about new ERP modules produced by Oracle.
  • It has more than 1500 global standard technical reports that result from the system, and by reading the name of the report that is aligned with its content, managers can execute the desired report and use its results in making decisions.
  • The ability to define and connect the organization's systems to the ERP system.
  • The existence of a sufficient number of technical experts familiar with Oracle systems (Oracle Developer) in Iran, unlike other ERPs.